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 RavenGIS™  Your communities' digital disaster reporter toolbox, where augmented reality meets situational awareness.

With RavenGIS™, you can deploy an easy to use, mobile friendly, always ready digital resource to add to your emergency response arsenal in a matter of minutes.

We did the heavy lifting to take Disaster Management to a whole new level, crowdsourcing disaster and incident related information for your community on a map of your area.

Contact a member of our solutions team at, 518.632.1093 or use our RavenGIS™ API Request Form and schedule your free demo.

arrow_upwardWhy RavenGIS™
Digitized Disaster Reporting
Ditch the paper methods and leverage the Internet of Things to streamline disaster/incident reporting within your community; while enjoying fast and thorough reports and speedy documentation for damage assessors.
Common Terminology
Colorful legend and Federal Geographic Data Committee standardized map symbology (ANSI 415-2006 compliant), provide a quick glance of 'real-time' disasters and incidents occuring in your community. Location coordinates utilizing United States National Grid (USNG) standardizes location marking, allowing for easy and automated conversion to lat/lon and physical addresses.
Secure by Default
Users are forced to use services through secure connections (over TLS, with HTTPS). Submissions and information transactions are encrypted in transit using TLS whenever possible.
Big Picture
Have the big picture, all in one place; generate situation reports on demand and be the central status board for Emergency Operation Centers, utility companies and public information centers. Reduce the strain on 9-1-1 systems and augment your situational awareness during planned and actual events.
Web Admin Panel
Manage your disaster reports, map and notification settings as well as your API account with a web admin panel. RavenGIS™ comes with a U.S. Section 508 (29 U.S.C. 794d) compliant, responsive, easy to use web administration panel. Different tiers and packages come with additional features. Visit our features list and learn more about our different cloud tiers and deployment packages
Accessible Platform
Accessibility for everyone; RavenGIS™ has been developed and designed to adhere to or exceed the guidelines and standards for accessibility and usability as defined by W3C WCAG and U.S. Section 508.
Integrate our Web Based Platform
RavenGIS™'s modular and cloud ready web platform design makes integration into any platform a breeze! Ask us how to integrate RavenGIS™ into CivicPlus, TownWeb, EcoGov, as a board on WebEOC and other municipal web platforms
Professional Tech Support
We have your back with our exceptional after service support. Learn more about our Service Level Agreements and support services list.
arrow_upwardHow Does RavenGIS™ Benefit My Community
Municipal Government & Public Safety
Merging technology and local emergency response made easier, RavenGIS™ is a smart city initiative that enhances your local emergency response capabilities while promoting the continuity of both emergency and routine operations. Automatically process and generate reports on Economic Injury forms and Physical Disaster surveys. Collaboration amongst citizens, first responders, emergency managers, municipal leaders, community response & recovery teams on a publically accessible map.
Community Awareness
Be a force multiplier, leverage crowdsourced and community fed reports and elevate your realtime situational awareness. Designed as your one stop shop for situational awareness in your community, allow your citizens to be better prepared and well informed on what is going on in their neighborhoods.
Educational Institutes
Not only is RavenGIS™ a viable resource in a STEM program such as Disaster Management; RavenGIS™ augments the visualization of school district wide disasters, incidents and events from vandalism to buildings and grounds, incidents related to publically spectated sporting events, service outages, maintenance activites and more serious events such as fires, active shooters and bomb threats. Readily collect district wide reports for interoperable collaborative sharing with emergency services.
Utilities and Energy
Supplement the reporting of outages, electric/gas hazards, utility poles down, downed power lines, service ripped from building to utility companies with a visual overview, summary of incidents and exact coordinates for rapid identification of problem areas, improved response and restoration times.
Traffic and Transportation
Your local 511 on road hazards, closures and traffic incidents for your community; elevate your communities' transportation situational awareness and benefit from real time conditions as they occur.
arrow_upwardFull Features List of RavenGIS™
Location Services
Get report submitting users location on mobile devices automatically
Automatically geocode and reverse-geocode locations based upon input
Standardize location coordinates with automatic conversion to United States National Grid (USNG) [FGDC-STD-011-2001 standard].
Multimedia Submissions
Give users ability to attach multiple photo, video, and voice files with disaster/incident submissions.
Categorized Submissions
Colorful legends
FDGC standardized map symbology (ANSI 415-2006 compliant)
DHS NPPD symbology recommendations
FEMA standardized disaster/incident category types
Export Reports
Generate summaries and reports with ease; customize reports based upon chronological ranges, declared events, historical events by area, single events and more.
Export as PDFs or CSV with a click of a button!
Quickly export to KML for use in ArcGIS, Team Awareness Kit (TAK) [including CivTAK and ATAK], Google Earth, Salesforce Maps and more!
Historical Archives
Store disaster and incident reports as permanent archives for historical purposes; and monitor trends for long term planning.
Map Customization
Toggle default layers (areial/road)
Set map center for your area, with your logo as center marker
Define minimum and maximum zoom level boundaries
Toggle between standardized map symbology or color coded map markers
Notification Settings
Toggle email notifications of new reports (on/off)
Define email notification groups
Logging Activities
Log normal admin activities such as disaster report publish to map, mark as archive, settings changes and more.
Search Disaster Reports
Search current and historical events, narrow down search criteria by disaster type, location, dates, times, archives only, published to map only and more.
Declare Disaster Events
Declared Disaster Event - define and categorize current disasters/incidents as opposed to the default chronological identifier
Exercise Mode
Isolated disaster reporter map optimized for trainings, exercises, testing and drills
Clone as scenario, copy reports from current, declared and past events into sandbox map environment for trainings, exercises and drills
Set test data to automatically purge after 24, 48 or 96 hours
Define notification recipients for sandbox environment reports
Add-ons (to standard package)
Auto-publish disaster/incident submissions from approved entities/individuals
Quick Publish to Map from email notification
Toggle disaster reporter On/Off
Mobile Access License (Android & iOS)
arrow_upwardPricing and Packages
From the Cloud
Eliminate the hassle of technical maintenance and integration
Access to latest build of platform
Ideal for agencies with limited technical resources
Easily integrate with your public website and blend in with your brand
Cloud licenses start at $0/year; see all cloud tiers
Agency Intranet/Off Grid
Off the grid solution†
Stable build of platform
Customizable features
Ideal for agencies where security is paramount
Best for advanced/technical users
Contact us for pricing and service agreements
Integration and Installation
Let Fail Safe Tech help you integrate/install RavenGIS™ on supported platforms
Client must have administrative rights to platform being deployed on
$285.00 per-time, per-integration/installation
Support Tickets
Solving issues with your RavenGIS™ instance
Email us and clearly explain the issue, including any unique reference ID's the system may have provided
Depending on issue, direct access to platform/server with administrative/root privileges may be required.
Support tickets start at $129.00 per-issue, includes the first hour of analyzing, troublshooting and proposing solutions.
arrow_upwardCloud Tiers
50 disaster/incident submissions per day
Ideal for Villages and Towns
Best effort email support
Cloud License $Request Pricing
Community Plus
500 disaster/incident submissions per day
Ideal for Larger Towns / Districts
Enhanced Support
Cloud License $Request Pricing
35,000 disaster/incident submissions per month
Ideal for Unified Districts and Counties
Priority Support
Cloud License $Request Pricing
Rate limit disabled, unlimited submissions
Ideal for States
Dedicated support
Cloud License $Request Pricing
Customize Your Package
Customized rate to suit your needs
Customized support
Customized storage
Contact us for special pricing
Essentials Plan
Rate Limit Disabled / Unlimited Submissions
Ideal for any size
Zero support
Plan only allows viewing and accessing a 30 day window of data at a time
Absolutely Free!
Storage Options
All plans included storage of media is kept for one year. Need to supplement a plan? Customize a storage package to suit your needs! Contact us to learn more.
Long Term Storage
Need to keep your data longer than one year? Ask us how.
Host Your Data
Have your own storage service and prefer storing your own report multimedia? We will work with you to connect supported services to our file uploader. $250.00 per-service, includes the first hour of implementation and troubleshooting.
arrow_upwardBasic Eligibility Requirements
Be a government entity, military entity, or educational institute (others considered on case by case basis)
Bring your own Bing Maps API key or let Fail Safe help you get a license (Bing Maps are primarily supported for various 'geo' based functionality, other map engines such as Google Maps or Arcgis are not yet supported, but are being developed)
†Offline deployments require Microsoft Virtual Earth/Bing Maps Server with Bing Enterprise License
Fail Safe Tech Service Agreement for All Plans
Reliability.​ Fail Safe Tech is committed to providing secure and reliable services. We leverage status monitors and routine system checks, so if an issue does arise, we are able to address it immediately.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee.​ If within the first thirty days, Customer is dissatisfied with the RavenGIS™, Customer may request a 100% refund.
Cancel Anytime.​ If at any point, the Customer opts to discontinue services with Fail Safe Tech and its RavenGIS™, Customer may cancel and will receive a prorated refund for any time left on yearly license.
Try Before You Buy.​​ Customers who have requested a demo of the RavenGIS™ will have the option to evaluate a demo for 60 (sixty) days - No payment method required.
Extend an additional 30 (thirty) days upon commitment to purchase with purchase order.
arrow_upwardOpen Grant
Fail Safe Technologies LLC believes in actively researching, testing and experimenting different aspects of emergency management conforming to a lessons learned approach and to establish best practices; with a focus of integrating technology and localized emergency response at a level never conceived. We look for giving opportunities in the areas of improving local emergency response and educating communities to plan, prepare and be better informed.
Twice a year, Fail Safe Tech will award one qualifying entity the use of the Community Plus cloud tier, with 256GB storage included, at no cost to them, including setup and 4 hours consultancy/tech support. Deadlines are May 1st and November 1st, with winning notifications announced June 1st and December 1st
Please make sure to submit your application at least one month prior to the deadlines established. We receive many applications throughout the year, and we need to allow sufficient time to review each request carefully. Once you have submitted your application, please allow at least 3 (three) weeks for review and notification of the result of your request.
At this time, in considering requests, priority is placed on entities within the following counties in New York State: Albany, Columbia, Dutchess, Greene, Orange, Putnam, Rensselaer, Rockland, Saratoga, Schenectady, Ulster, Westchester; and the following counties in Virginia: Albemarle, Arlington, Buckingham, Culpepper, Fairfax, Fluvanna, Loudon and Prince William.
Eligibility and Preference
Grants for use of Community Plus cloud tier will only be made to the following types of entities:
  • a school, hospital, or governmental unit that holds nonprofit status similar to that of 501(c)(3) organizations
  • local government, but only if a use thereto is made exclusively for public safety purposes
  • a volunteer fire department that qualifies as a 501(c)(4) tax-exempt entity
Required Information for Application
Your submission of an application is considered that all information contained therein is true and the no conflict exists between your entity and Fail Safe Technologies LLC

Applications along with supporting documentation, must be submitted to with subject line RavenGIS™ Grant - <AGENCY NAME : YEAR> and in Word Document or PDF format. If you have not recieved postive confirmation of receipt within 48 hours of submission, please contact us at
  • Organization Name
  • Federal Tax ID #
  • W9
  • Address including Street, City, County, State and ZIP
  • Website Address
  • Year Organization was Founded (MM/YYYY)
  • Description of Organization
  • Principal Official: Prefix, First Name, Last Name, Title, Email, Phone
  • Project Title, Program Area (educational/local emergency response) and Summary Description
  • Location of Population Served
  • Description of Population Served
  • Donor Recognition Plan
  • Plans for Publicity/Communication of Results
  • Project Administrator: Prefix, First Name, Last Name, Title, Email, Phone